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About Us

Benjamin and Jennifer met in December, 2003 and decided almost immediately to open a chocolate business together. They would name it “Glarus Chocolatier” after Ben’s father’s hometown of Glarus, Switzerland. Ben’s Swiss family history and having grown up in the chocolate business, combined with Jennifer’s award-winning background in baking, convinced them that their meeting was fate and that the business they’d start together was inevitable.

Within six months, they were engaged to be married, and six months later, they opened their store in December of 2004.Their inspiration was fueled by the desire to offer the kind of quality very rarely found in today’s confections. They wanted to bring back Swiss traditional chocolate making techniques, without the use of auxiliary machinery. They also wanted to offer their customers the chance to understand what chocolate is supposed to taste like and educate them on the extraordinary health benefits that quality chocolate has to offer.

Using original family recipes dating back to 1957 in Switzerland, Jennifer and Ben offer their handmade fresh-cream truffles, assorted Swiss chocolate confections, and other specialties such as all-natural chocolate sauce and chocolate bars. Recently married in June, 2005, Jennifer and Ben continue to share their passion for chocolate and create their high-quality chocolates on premises at Glarus Chocolatier.


Ben & Jennifer

Ben & Jennifer
Photo by Steve Buchanan